Saturday, 27 April 2013

Maggie and Mantovani

I've been trying a bit of online shopping. I hate shops. I used to have to trail round them all day with the missus in the old days.

Why people want to trail around when they can get all the stuff they want on the internet I don't know. Some people my age think it's not for them but I say to them give it a go - it's easy once you've got the hang of it. I've just bought a lifesize cardboard cutout of Margaret Thatcher and if you squint at her you can almost believe it's really her! 30 quid on Amazon and cheap at the price. It's nice to have a friendly face around to talk to.

I've stuck her behind the bar in the living room for now. Last night I stuck my Mantovani CD on the player Alison gave me for Christmas and sat there with a stiff gin and told her what a mess young David was making of the country. He's too bloody soft but then what else do you expect from a man with a face like a baby's bum, I said? I could tell from the look in her eyes that she knew exactly what I meant. I don't think she'd ever worked behind a bar but her dad used to run a shop down the road in Grantham and I could tell she'd have made a bloody good job of it if she had. No going on bloody strike for her.


  1. You are now my role-model Jim. I love you already, especially for your crap taste in music. I want to follow you (and - one way or the other, - I surely will) but how do I? Please set up a way to do that for me, because I need an 80 year-old git like you to give me a lead. X.

  2. Thank you for dropping by, Tom. I've been reading your blog, too, and I must say I thought you'd be a kindred spirit.

    I'll fix up a way to follow me as soon as I can. Alison's supposed to coming round tomorrow. I'll ask her how to do it. Watch this space!

  3. I've just worked out for myself how to make a blog list and I've put you on it.

  4. Hello Jim,how nice of you to drop by and leave me a comment,thank you.I think its great that you are starting a blog at your age WELL DONE YOU !!! I will drop by again to see you. When you have a followers button I ll be on it. x

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog Jim - we eighty year olds must stick together. I do my grocery shopping on line - can't be bothered with trailing round Tesco - better things to do. The first week I got Scotch eggs instead of egg custard tarts - but it was entirely my own fault. Now it runs like clockwork and all the ordering is done in a quarter of an hour.
    I do hope you enjoy blogging - I have been doing it for a few years now and it has certainly widened my horizons considerably and keeps me in touch - so keep blogging - and do keep calling on me.