Tuesday, 30 April 2013

It's got to be true

Alison told me that if I was getting so into the internet I didn't have to go and get a newspaper I could read it on the internet instead. So I went searching for the Daily Mail online yesterday and I came across these two blokes on Youtube instead. I've never seen identical twins look so alike. Very confusing, both of them being called Dan. I mean, do even they know which one's which? Talk about an identity crisis. Bloody cruel if you ask me. Their parents should have had more sense.  It's like those pillocks who call their kids after the whole Arsenal football team. There should be a law against it. Anyway, they seem to have turned out alright because they obviously like the Daily Mail as much as I do. So much so they made a song about it. And they're quite right: if you read it in the Mail it's got to be true. I should know: I've read it just about every day since about 1950. It's stopped me turning into a nutter. I don't know where I'd be without it. The funny farm probably.

I've got to say this kind of music is not usually my kind of thing. It's a bit like Simon and Garfunkle and all that pop stuff. If I want to go wild, I get out the Feetwarmers. But since they like the Daily Mail as much as I do, I'll make an exception.


  1. It got me kinda thinkin'............you could save the Planet by not printing Papers..Instead, the Newsagent would sing you the News each morning...........

  2. Thanks for that. I knew we had something in common. I know I keep asking, but when am I going to be allowed to follow you? (I'm not talking into advanced years now, I'm already doing that). Is it me being stupid, or has your I.T. expert not set up the button yet? (or am I deliberately excluded...?)

  3. tony: That's a good idea. They could even come door to door like a milkman.

    Tom: Trust me, you are not deliberately excluded. I have finally worked out how to add a followers gadget to my blog. Please - become the first!