Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Great Island Nation

Seems to me like all the fuss about UKIP has got the Tories talking sense again. I remember Lord Young from the good old days of Maggie (I might be 80 but I still remember what went on then) and he's just been on telly saying how easy it is at times like this to make a pile - you just pay people less. They're not going to complain or walk out when jobs are so hard to come by. And the only thing that'll get us out of the mess we're in is businessmen making loads of money. Everyone else will just have to tighten their belts. Stop buying their kids bloody burger and chips and buying them expensive mobile phones. It would do everyone good to have to eat simple, basic meals and turn down the central heating once in a while. That would be good for the planet too if you believe all that rubbish about global warming which I don't and don't get me going on about bloody windfarms. It gets bloody windy enough as it is without putting all those bloody propellers up on the hills. Talk about waste of energy.

And give them inspiring music like this. It worked in the 1940s so why not again?

I've been watching Coast on telly. I think it's great even if the presenters do look like dodgy characters. It's good to be reminded what a great island nation we are. I mean where else in the world would you find cliffs at the seaside that actually spell COAST? I never knew about them before I saw them on the programme. I'd love to know where they are. If they're not far from here I might ask Alison if we can go and see them next time we go out for a drive.

Talking of Alison, she came to collect the guinea pigs this morning. She wasn't that bothered that I'd lost one (it never turned up - I think it must have got out of the house when the front door was open like when Dan came with his carpet sweeper to sweep up the turds). In fact I think she might have not minded if I'd lost both the little sods.


  1. Living frugally is a good thing. So is paying a decent wage.

  2. Your best post to date, as far as I am concerned. It has given me an entirely new perspective on wind-farms, and I will - with your permission - use your 'out of the box' philosophy when I rant against the bloody things too.

    Even though I am 18 years younger than you, I too remember this tune very well. Those were the days when people did actually work, though as to whether the music helped or not, I have my doubts.

  3. There are three wind farms off the coast of this part of north Wales
    Some 50 or so bleeding turbines
    26 were not working today

  4. I love your picture of the radio!